Real estate title and right of way courses online focus on providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the legal aspects involved in property ownership and the establishment of rights to use land for transportation projects. These title search courses cover topics such as property law, title research and examination, easements, encroachments, land acquisition procedures, and negotiation techniques. Students in these courses learn about the importance of clear and marketable titles, the role of title insurance, and how to conduct title searches and examinations.

Upon successful completion of this course, learners will have a general knowledge of:

  • The Title Search Process

  • The Role Of A Title Searcher.

  • Common Types of Title Searches and their Purposes

  • Industry Terminology

  • Research Tools and Techniques

  • Online and Offline Research Tools

  • Technique for Effective Search Strategies


My name is Esther M. Franklin, as a native of Pittsburgh, also known as "The City of Bridges," I have learned to appreciate the world of real estate on many different levels. My areas of expertise is centered in a niche market, namely highway infrastructure. My organization specializes in right of way acquisition work and where I serve as the Chief Executive Officer. We work closely with both the private and public sectors where we assist in the process of roadway improvements of bridges, highway design and road maintenance.
Our online courses will incorporate various teaching methods, such as lectures, readings, case studies and interactive exercises. They will also include guest lectures from industry professionals and provide opportunities for networking with practitioners in the field.
Title to property

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